Wedding Wishes

Beautifully written wedding wishes for newlyweds

Need wedding wishes to greet a newlywed couple? If you are in lack of words, then let the below gallery of wedding greetings, messages, poems, wishes, and quotes help you out. Some of the popular types you'll find below are:-

Romantic wedding wishes

Marriage is not a destination. Instead, it's a journey that is expected to last until the end of time. Whether you're the bride, the groom, a relative or a guest, here, you'll find romantic greetings to celebrate the beginning of a lifetime of adventure.

Formal wedding wishes

Just because it's a formal wedding with floor-length lehengas and sherwanis doesn't mean you have to send a formal card with stuffy wording. Still, if you want to write a gentle message that's timeless and romantic, a formal note is the way to go.

Funny wedding wishes

Before you start scribbling on that greeting card, it's imperative to consider how deep your bond with the couple is. If you have a very close relationship with the newlyweds, you can write a funny wedding message that’ll tickle their ribs.

We understand. It's not easy to create original wedding wishes that'll impress the to-be-wed couple. Fret not! Pick up one of the below greetings, customize it by adding some words of your own, and you will get a unique greeting that matches your personality. BTW, here you will also find a vast collection of wedding card images.