Small Rangoli Design

Cute & small rangoli designs that will steal your heart

            In search of images for Small Rangoli Designs? HappyShappy brings you the biggest collection of short and easy-to-make patterns. Now everyone can become an artist. The top ideas that are currently in trend are:-

Small Rangoli Designs for Beginners

Rangoli-making is an art that, apart from adding vibrancy to your home, makes you feel cheerful. Making rangolis is easier than you think; you don't have to be a creative genius to create a beautiful Rangoli designs. If this is your first time indulging in this artwork, we have assembled some simple and easy patterns for you to try. Check them out in the feed below!

Small Rangoli Designs with Dots for Sankranthi

Sankranthi is a famous festival where people in South India create Muggulu � a circular Rangoli made of lines, dots, and colours. These are designed in a way to emanate an aura of sanctity. If you, too, wish to participate in the celebration by drawing a Muggulu with dots, scroll down and take a look at our collection of Best Rangoli Designs.

Small Rangoli Designs for Competition

Designing and creativity know no bounds, but still, one needs to have a clear idea and imagination to make the creativity eye-catching and alluring. Every year, schools, colleges, and residential colonies organize rangoli-making competitions. This is to test the participants' creative skills and showcase their talent. Whether you're the host of such a contest or a participant, the below feed has tons of ideas that'll provide you with a daily dose of Rangoli Patterns .

Small Rangoli Designs for New Year

Another year has come to pass, and another has just begun. So, now that the New Year is here, how are you going to welcome it to your home? Perhaps with a cute message decorated on your front entrance? Let our well-curated feed provide you with some Small Rangoli Designs for the New Year.

Free Hand Small Rangoli Designs

Yeah, stencil-made Rangolis are cool, but no feeling can compare to the joy of making it free hand. Based on the festival or celebration, they depict different themes and messages, with a wide variety of colours. Take a look at our vast collection for some of the best free hand Rangoli ideas for you to try. Even on Festivals like diwali you can choose best Rangoli design for Diwali.

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