Simple Mehendi Design

Simple Mehndi designs that look stylish & chic

Think henna and detailed patterns, creative designs and a mish-mash of lines and curves come to mind, instead of simple mehendi designs. Applying mehndi at any festive occasion is one ritual that all Indian women love � not just because it�s an important part our culture, but also because of how we look when we are adorned with it. But there are times when the fun-filled moments turn into dull, tiresome hours just because of long, elaborate patterns.

We are so accustomed to complex and intricate henna designs that we never ask ourselves whether the shape on our palms and feet is what we want. What if a simple mehendi design is what our heart wishes? What if we love to merely dabble in the mehendi applying ritual, not spend our entire day in it? If you�re someone who agrees with these words then girl, this page is for you!

Presenting the best, the latest and the most popular simple mehendi designs; from minimal motifs to plain-featured patterns, this page is home to hundreds of mehendis that are chic, beautiful & perfect for any occasion. The designs below require very less time, and they adorn your hands & feet without giving a gaudy look.

With these simple mehendi designs by your side, you won�t need to worry about sitting for long hours at any festive event. All you need to do is choose your favourite from the feed below and show it to the artist. You�ll be done in no time!