Silk Sarees Blouse Designs

The best Silk Saree Blouse Designs that are in trend

  In search of Silk Sarees Blouse Designs? HappyShappy presents a wide variety of ideas for you can try. Some of the trending ideas you'll find below are:-

DIY Saree Blouse With Circular Patterns

It's a common myth that creating intricate circular designs and patterns on blouses may look complicated because the stitching work can be very tricky. You will be surprised at just how easy making these shapes can be. Below you'll find some neat tricks, tips & techniques that will have you pumping out perfect circular blouse designs in no time.

Corset Style Blouse Designs

The iconic Corset is today a part of the Indian ethnic wear segment to create a uber-stylish piece of clothing called the corset blouse! This blouse imitates the style of a corset, but with a lighter feel than the original one. From Priyanka to Kareena, Many B-Town celebs have rocked this garb on the red carpet. It's time to take some fashion inspiration with these latest Corset saree blouse designs.

Puffed Blouse Sleeve Designs

A s the name implies puffed sleeves are a decadent 'puff' or 'swell' of fabric. The shape is gathered at the bottom and top, but full in between, allowing it to bulge and create fullness. If you love this style and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe, there are many ways to do it. Check 'em out the big collections of Blouse Designs .
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