Rangoli Patterns

1500+ Stunning Rangoli Patterns to enhance your humble abode

               In search of beautiful Rangoli Patterns for your place? HappyShappy has creative ideas for every space, be it a front yard, balcony, entrance, or a corner. Here are the best designs that are currently trending. Check them out!

Kundan Rangoli patterns

Kundan rangolis are the latest artistic innovation that is all the rage this festive season. Made from rhinestones, beads, plastic gems, and other ornamental pieces, these designs can be done in any shape or size and look showy whether it is on the wall or floor of your house. Each Kundan rangoli has its beauty and charm. Take a look at the gallery below to find the best Kundan Rangoli images.

Line rangoli patterns

With the trend of line Rangolis on the rise among women, it's no surprise this design is trending. Today the concept has continued to evolve even further beyond festive art. Our well-curated collection of line Rangoli Patterns will arouse your interest and might inspire you as well! Some of them look meaningful to us, and there's no way for us to know if they are. So, it could be fun to assume what their significance might be on your way to finding a perfect fit!

Rangoli patterns for children

Encouraging kids to learn about the world is easy with art. Rangoli-making is a creative activity that, apart from adding vibrancy to your home, makes you feel cheerful. Making a Rangoli is easier than you think; one doesn't have to be a creative genius to create a beautiful design. Whether your child is participating in a school competition or wants to have some fun, this page has tons of cute patterns to bring out his or her creativity to the fore.

Rangoli patterns with geometric shapes 

These days' geometric shapes are growing in popularity; it's as if more people have them then don't at this point. People are drifting towards more non-traditional designs than ever before. One Rangoli trend that's gaining popularity lately is geometry shapes. By blending lines, squares, triangles, and circles with the vibrancy of colours, one can get virtually hundreds of different styles. If adorning your home with a crispy clean geometric design is what you seek, then we recommend you start scrolling through the below feed!

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