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Looking for the best Payal Designs? HappyShappy has combed the web and curated a vast collection for you. Take a look. Some of the most popular styles you'll find below are:-

Latest Payal Designs

The latest trends in Payals feature creative designs, colourful prints and a never-before-seen confluence of multiple patterns. And why not? With the web brimming with inspiration, there is no dearth variety for Indian jewellers to borrow some fresh ideas.

Simple Payal Designs

Thinking of getting a teeny weeny anklet? Get inspired by these cute little patterns - they're so delicate and lovely they'll be totally worth adding them to your jewellery box.  If you're stuck on where to start, we've got you covered with 500+ simple designs.

Silver Anklets

As the price of gold hovers around at all-time high, silver is a cheaper alternative you can consider to keep up the tradition. After all, silver jewellery is the runway-approved trend that’s dominating each and every fashion memo, be it in festive wear or even wearable work wear alternatives. If you are a lady who believes in keeping things stylish yet adheres firmly by the traditions, then a silver anklet should be your go-to choice.

Bohemian Style Anklets

Every bohemian anklet has a story to tell. If you’re going to get a Payal for your feet, why not pick one with a history or a lore attached to it? Looking effortlessly bohemian in these beautiful festival ready dresses where stylish off the shoulder outfits are paired with a beautiful anklet will make you look ethereal.

Payal Design with tassels

Tassle inspired designs take center stage in the below feed. These add a pop of colour to any outfit, be it a jeans and t-shirt combo or an evening dress. Incorporating gemstones, crystals, further helps make these Payals one of a kind. Pair them with boots, strappy sandals or simple flats; these are as comfortable as they look.

Beaded Anklets

It’s simple, cool and fashionable. A brilliant version of the popular friendship cord style bracelet, a beaded anklet is a sure fire winner. Simply tie it on with a knot and strut your stuff. The vibrant, reflective beads make this accessory perfect for wear in the summer sun.

Kundan Payal Designs

Kundan jewellery is ideal for festive occasions where you need to flaunt a royal look at the fraction of a cost. With their shimmer and light, Kundan Payals not only complement your ensemble, but transform it from plain to unbeatably attractive. Head to the below feed to check out the latest trends in this particular design.

Oxidized Payal Designs

Thanks to the ongoing festive season, Oxidized Payals are all the rage right now. What sets these aspart, is that they’re affordable and available in contemporary as well as traditional designs. These Payals are perfect for art lovers and are a must-have for anyone looking for something offbeat to accessorize their ensemble.

Letter Anklets

Whether you've got a taste for stylish anklets and you're looking to add to your collection, or you're just venturing into the world of latest jewellery trends, you might want to consider the alphabet. Usually made in yellow gold, rose gold or silver, Letter anklets come in a metal name bar or hand stamped letters strung together. The unique letter anklets in the below feed represent just a small sampling of all the artistic possibilities available for the anklet enthusiast.

Payal Designs with Shells

Walking on the beach while collecting seashells is a memory most kids remember fondly. So why not cherish it forever? Seashells come in many different shapes and sizes and are unique in their own special way. From watercolour conch shells to minimalistic scallops, there are a variety of payals to adorn your feet.

Gold Payal Jewellery

If anklets are the most-loved accessory of the Indian woman, then gold anklets are undoubtedly the crème de la crème. Equal parts charming and elegant, these are the most expensive of the lot. The market for Gold Payals has flourished in recent times.  If you are wearing polki, kundan or diamond jewellery on any occasion you can now match your gold anklets along with the rest of your jewellery.

Charm Anklets

Ah, charm anklets – the quickest way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Select the charm that you love or that resonates with your personality and create an attractive accessory. Sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds – there are so many choices to choose from.

Bridal Payal Jewellery

Pick any Indian ceremony and you’ll find Indian women gleefully walking to the music of their silver and gold payal to celebrate their happiness. Payals takes the highest honour when they adorn a bride’s feet. It complements the mehendi on her leg and accentuates her beauty.

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