New Payal Design

Beautiful New Payal Designs to adorn your pretty feet

Looking for New Payal Designs? HappyShappy has lined up some of the most beautiful ones that are all the rage right now. Wait no more and pin your favourites now!

Oxidized Payal Designs

Want to stand out from the crowd of silver anklets? You can also opt for more affordable silver-toned metals. Scroll down and take a look at the hundreds of oxidized alloy-metal payals with intricately carved details.

Payals designs with toe rings

Want a statement jewellery to complement your ethnic ensemble? Look no further than this Payal Design. Toe rings and anklets are part and parcel of showcasing a traditional look. Trust us when we say, together, these can add another dimension to you outfit. What makes these jewellery items so effective is that they add a pleasant look to a part of the body, which at first glance seems ordinary.

Boho Anklets

What better way to show off your free-spirited side than boho anklets? Sun, moon, stars, seashells � the variety of little trinkets that you come in this design is endless. If you are a lady who loves to express herself creatively, then this one is perfect for you. Head to the below feed to pick your favourite style.

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