New Mehendi Design

Make a Sophisticated Statement with these new Mehendi designs

Unlike earlier times when applying Mehendi at ceremonial occasions was considered a mere convention, today it�s become a thing of high anticipation. No matter what the ceremony is, nowadays women love to adore their palms & feet with beautiful intricate patterns. What�s more, their indulgence in this art isn�t limited to festive events. Even the weekend trip to the mall includes a visit to the Mehendi stall.

Today, the reverence for henna is akin to that of a statement accessory. And why not? Mehendi is one adornment that stays with your skin (and your heart) long after an event is over. It accentuates your beauty, earns you loads of compliments and makes you the centre of everyone�s attention. It is this reverence that has influenced henna artists all over the world to come up with new Mehendi designs. And it is for this love and reverence for henna that this page adulates.

This page is all about the latest and the best of all henna designs. Be it simple, floral, peacock, multi-patterned, minimalist, heart-shaped or Arabic Mehendi, here you�ll find the latest and the most beautiful iterations. Now, no more searching hundreds of websites for new Mehendi designs. All you need to do is scroll through the below images, and you�ll find the freshest patterns.