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Take a look at these oh-so-elegant Ladies Payal Designs

  Looking for images of Ladies Payal? From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, HappyShappy has all types of designs. The below gallery includes the following varieties:-

Kundan Payal Design

Kundan Payals has been an essential accessory of Indian women for a very long time. The defining features and the polished gemstones in Kundan jewellery help in setting up the best patterns and designs. Tiny glass and gemstone pieces set between the gold foils of the Payal strike a balance in a way no other jewellery does. Take a look at our well-curated collection of Kundan anklets. 

Gold Payal Designs for Brides

Dear brides-to-be! If there’s one thing you can be sure of on your wedding, it’s that your drool-worthy jewellery will be ogled at by every single guest present. And since Gold Anklets are one of the most overlooked pieces of the bride’s ensemble, we’ve compiled a feed of the best designs for you to take note of. Check it out!

Chandi Ki Payal Design

Need a pretty anklet to help you put your best foot forward? Look no further than Chandi Ki Payal. If you are a lady who believes in keeping things simple yet adheres firmly by the traditions, then a silver anklet with simple design should be your go-to choice. Don’t worry! The below feed has lots of subtly stylish designs for your pretty feet.

           So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, use this page to find a stylish Ladies Payal that accentuates your beauty. Don’t forget to share your favourite ideas on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Sharechat!