Hanuman Chalisa

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                Wish to learn about Hanuman Chalisa? Want to know the meaning behind every word in this prayer? Let the below gallery help you out. From lyrics to translations to videos, here you will find everything about this devotional hymn. Some of the most popular ideas about this hymn are:-

Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi

While this hymn was originally written in the Awadhi dialect in Hindi, it has been translated to many other forms in Hindi. Scroll through the list below to find the one in your regional dialect.

Hanuman Chalisa lyrics

The entire Hanuman Chalisa is made up of many verses, Chaupais and verses. You can find the lyrics for each below.

 Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu & Kannada

Millions of Indians chant this mantra every day. If you�re looking for Telugu and Kannada translations of this mantra, then the below feed can help you out.

 Hanuman Chalisa in English

For someone who�s introduced to Ramayana and wishes to study Lord Hanuman, this hymn can be a valuable source of knowledge. Let the English version of this translation help you in your quest for learning. 

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