Diya Decoration

Light up your surroundings with these creative Diya decoration ideas

          Need creative Diya decoration ideas for your home? Then check out this fantastic collection of ideas for Diwali 2019. To make sure you don't fall short of ideas this season, we have curated a list of different ways of decorating your home. Some of our most popular searched ideas are:-

Floating Diya Decoration

A great way to decorate your home this Diwali is with floating diyas. A crystal bowl or metal pot filled with water and flower petals with floating diyas will make for  Diwali lights for lobbies, foyers, or gardens. You could also use floating candles with long glass vases in varying lengths with stones and artificial flowers at the bottom. Use the below feed to learn how.

Diya Decor with Rangolis

Diwali diyas look beautiful when painted in bright colors. Shades of bright pink, red, green, gold and bright orange can add a different glow to the illumination. If adding vibrancy to your home is what you seek, then take note of this diya decoration idea that Rangoli Designs for Diwali with diyas will perfect the surroundings.

Diya Decoration with Flowers

Sometimes blending diyas with bright blooms is all you need to have your Diwali Decoration game on point. Whether you wish to redo your Puja Area with garlands or have a beautiful floral centerpiece, using flowers and oil lamps d�cor is a great choice.

Diya Painting Ideas

Nothing beats the joy of buying diyas from the street side and painting them in gold, orange, blue, and more. Use the below feed to pick your favourite colour shade & idea, and let your creativity flow.

           Now no more wasting countless hours searching the web for beautiful DIY creations. The below gallery brings back the magic in getting together and decorating one's home for Diwali. So, what are you waiting for? Let's find you some cool diya decoration ideas for your place.Also bring good fortune to this  Happy Diwali .