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The Style Salad Toss up Your Own – BLK Alkaline Mineral Water

BLK Alkaline Mineral Water Rs. 260.00 (bee. el. kay) n. blk. Enjoy the dark side. Is the first ever fulvic-enhanced all natural mineral water. blk. is what happens when fulvic minerals are added to water. blk. is the result of fulvic minerals being infused with Canadian spring water. blk. contains no colouring, dye or additives and is 100% natural! The fulvic minerals that we use to infuse with spring water are black in colour so naturally change the colour of the water. Why is blk. better than water? blk. is rich in alkaline and contains a pH level between 8 – 9. It contains some of the most powerful electrolytes in the world and contains 0 mg of sodium per 500ml. It also contains fulvic minerals! Why is blk. better than any health drink? Unlike any health drink on the market blk. contains: no carbs no calories no sugars no caffeine. blk. contains 77 trace minerals unique to any other health drink and is a natural source of vitamins and energy. What are Fulvic Minerals? Fulvic minerals are plant matter derived from millions of years ago that have combined with fulvic acid forming rare fulvic mineral deposits. They deliver some of the most powerful electrolytes in the world. Fulvic minerals contain 77 other trace minerals, most of which have an influence on the healthiness of our body. They are very high in alkaline and when sourced from the ground contain a pH of 9.

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