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Mcpuff; "soo good" #toohot

The smell of food made him realize how ravenous he was. There was hot bread and honey, a bowl of pease porridge, a skewer of roast onions and well-charred meat. He sat by the tray, pulled apart the bread with his hands, and stuffed some into his mouth. There are some things that don't change much. I find the smell of a dish, or the way a certain spice is crushed, or just a quick look at the way something has been put on a plate, can pull me back to another place and time. I love those memories that seem so far away, yet you can hold them and carry them with you, even forget them, and then, with a single taste or hint or a smell, be chaperoned back to a beautiful moment. A foodie is somebody who thinks about food not just as biological sustenance, but also a key part of their identity, and a kind of lifestyle. Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating delicious food can be a life-changing experience.

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