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The Style Salad MORNING SUNSHINE Gift Box

When it comes to mornings, the slower the better. Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of a lazy Sunday (or Monday, because why not?) with delicious treats like a pancake mix, premium filter coffee and homemade strawberry preserve that will let them savor every minute. The only thing we can’t promise? That they won’t do away with their snooze button entirely. The perfect gift to give those who love the thrill of a new flavor, and deserve a little indulgence. A thoughtful way to say thank you, happy birthday, thinking of you or to show your gratitude or congratulations. This box also includes an ‘All Things Breakfast’ chocolate bar. Inspired by breakfasts in Italy, this bar is the perfect way to start any day! Made using a mild 54.5% Belgian dark chocolate infused with cappuccino flavours and crunchy almond biscotti. INCLUDES 101 Strawberries Homemade Strawberry Preserve All Things All Things Breakfast- Belgian Dark Chocolate with Coffee and Biscotti Whole Wheat and Chocolate Pancake Mix Brewlette Lush Lemongrass Tea Premium Filter Coffee Lemongrass Body Soap Set of 2 terracotta tea/coffee cups

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