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Summer Vacations Expectation vs Reality | By Sejal Kumar!!

Summer Vacations Expectation vs Reality | By Sejal Kumar All credits goes to Miss Sejal Kumar Hey Guys! This was sooo much fun to film and write and I love how it turned out! Who else spends their summer vacation on Netfilx? :P Follow me: Twitter & Instagram: @sejalkumar1195 Facebook : www.facebook.com/TheClothingEdit Comment 'netflix is my life' if you're still reading! :P My Outfits (In order of appearance lol) 1. Swimsuit: The Label Life 2. Intro+ Scene with Mohak dress: http://bit.ly/2rUXFwK 3. Netflix scene Tee: http://bit.ly/2suoCEm 4. Netflix scene pyjamas: Pretty Secrets 5. Making productivity list scene Floral Top: http://bit.ly/2suxqdv 6. Making productivity list scene pants: The Label Life 7. Gym tee: Zara 8. Gym pants: Decathalon 9. Ukulele scene dress: Koovs (dyed yellow) 10. Party scene dress: http://bit.ly/2sGy07j 11. Party scene earrings: Acessorize 12. Goa scene top: Myntra 13. Goa scene top 2: Forever 21 14. Instagram pictures scene dress: Sarojini Nagar 15. Instagram pictures scene blue romper: Stalk Buy Love

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