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HOW TO GET FIT FOR 2018 | Sejal Kumar

Hey guys! With 2018 here, all of us are so motivated to go and get fit, get in shape but there's more to getting fit than looking good right? I've had trouble with accepting my body for years and I can tell you that as of today I feel the happiest I have ever felt in my body, not because I am the fittest but because how I look at myself! Do share your thoughts on this below! NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY What I'm Wearing: Black Top: Shein.com White Sweater: Shein.com Pink Pants: Boutique in Amsterdam Shoes: Nike Necklace: Forever 21 Talk to me! Instagram: instagram.com/sejalkumar1195/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sejalkumar1195 Facebook : www.facebook.com/TheClothingEdit Camera used: Sony A7ii Thanks for watching!

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