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Beerbiceps Lose fat not muscle!

This video by youtuber Beerbiceps i.e Ranveer Allahbadia is a detailed guide on how to cut fat without losing muscle for 2 kinds of people :- 1)Anyone who is overweight 2)Bulked up gym goers who are trying to cut fat keeping bodybuilding goals in mind. This fat loss program follows the same principles Ranveer Allahbadia used while training Tanmay Bhat for his weight loss journey. So whether you're an overweight individual trying to go from fat to fit or you're a forever bulking brother looking for a detailed fat loss program, this fat loss process is what will give you your fat to fit transformation. Going from bulk to lean is a detailed process, and the best way to learn this process is to get guidance from someone who has done it. This video is the ultimate bulk to cut transformation, watch it now!

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