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Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha

One of the dham of the renowned Chardham Yatra, Jagannath temple is a popular Lord Krishna Temple in India. The temple is sacred Hindus, and Buddhists. In the main sanctum of the temple, there is a finely wooden carved statue of Jagannath, which is quite unusual as in most temples there are stone murals. Flanking the statue on both the sides are idols of brother Balarama and sister Subhadra. What makes this temple look apart from other Shri Krishna temples of India is the fact that here procedures, practices, sacraments, and rituals are not like other Hindu temples, they are quite different. There are many unique things about the architecture of the temple too like the shadow of the temple is never visible. Despite its location close to the ocean, you will not able to hear the wave sounds in the movement you will step in the premises of the temple. Earlier, the temple was a part of the sun temple, however in 18th Century Marathas dismantled and reassembled the temple. Festival celebrations like Chandana Yatra, Snana Yatra, Ratha Yatra, Sayana Ekadasi, and Dakshinayana Sankranti attracts a huge crowd. Amongst all these festivals, Ratha Yatra or Chariot Festival is primarily known. On the occasion of the Puri Rath Yatra, the three deities in their specific chariots are drawn by devotees and taken to the Gundicha Temple. Temple Location: Temple Road, Puri, Odisha 752001

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