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Self made red souce pasta

Red sauce pasta recipe – Pasta in red sauce recipe. Healthy & delicious kids’ friendly pasta that can be made for after school or dinner. An easy idea to include tomatoes and red bell pepper in your kids’ diet. Pasta in red sauce recipe is usually made using only tomatoes. Mostly canned tomatoes or tomato paste/ puree is used to get the bright color. Pasta as a food represents an inexpensive means of improving diet quality in developed countries and helps to reduce hunger problems in developing countries. The unique combination of properties of cheapness, ease of preparation, versatility, nutritive value, and long shelf life will ensure that pasta will continue to play a role of importance as world demand for cereals increases. The red sauce I have made for this pasta recipe uses red bell pepper along with tomatoes. But can be substituted with onions. For variation you can also check this vegetable pasta in red sauce. this red sauce pasta recipe is too good and you will keep on having it. the sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs. since tomato is one of the main ingredient, please use tomatoes which are ripe, red and less tangy.

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