Ace Storytellers Happy Flashbacks Have Changed The Wedding Film Game!

Noopur & Anish are master storytellers for your big day!

When the last gift has been opened, your poor aching feet are on ice and visiting family from far flung lands has returned home, it’s time for the post-wedding reality to hit! Now’s the time to sit back, stir your umbrella straw and reminisce about the happiest celebrations of your life with Happy Flashbacks!

And all those pictures you posed for gracefully — concealing the mad, bindaas bride within you — those just aren’t gonna cut it. To really relive those crazy, chaotic memories, you’ve got to have an amazing wedding video on hand. One created by a talented filmmaker and not just any ol’ Joe. Worry not: we scoured the Earth, searched far and wide, and found you the perfect pair of filmmakers to capture the magic and spirit of your big day in living colour — meet Happy Flashbacks by Noopur and Anish.

No Cheese!

The only cheese we love comes sliced on a board, with a smattering of olives accompanying it. But a wedding video – dude, that’s no place for cheesy, gimmicky effects! Unless your vibe is all about having your faces pop into tiny red hearts and bounce all over the screen to campy 80s tunes, let’s opt for something classier.

The uber creative wife and husband duo, Noopur & Anish, have breathed new life into wedding filmmaking by creating cinematic masterpieces for your special day. It comes as no surprise that they’re constantly racking up the accolades and are now nominated for a Wedding Filmmaker of the Year by Wedding Sutra!

They’re even able to capture your story in less than one minute! Check out our favorite picks in this blog!

More Than Photos

Think back to the last time you watched a great movie and how it moved you. You laughed, you cried, you creeped out the uncle next to you with your heaving sobs, you rooted for the lead pair’s love story.

Happy Flashback’s wedding movies are no less. You’ve got to check out their 60 minute main wedding films to truly be blown away by their eye to detail.Combining stunning visuals, capturing emotional moments, enhancing them with music and sound – telling the full story of your love, your shenanigans, your celebrations and your lives together.

Poetry in Motion

You know who can haphazardly cobble together random snippets and images from your celebrations? Any freakin’ body. But to get the mazza of your wedding, to watch an ode to your big day told by master storytellers, you’ve got to check out Noopur & Anish’s work. Plus, it’s the perfect gift to yourself — if the cutlery you received at your wedding didn’t fulfill you emotionally.

Come every wedding anniversary, you guys should pop open some bubbly, play your wedding story again and marvel at how freakin’ gorgeous and happy you two were from the start!

Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish

It’s a jungle out there! And we’re not just referring to the aunties who are about to start harassing you about your child bearing plans.

As you set out to find the perfect filmmaker for your wedding, you’ll be inundated with choices. Different styles, various price points, hefty portfolios. But what really sets Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish afar from the pack are their personalities and unique approach to work.

happy flashbacks, wedding filmmaker, videography, happyShappy

You’ve got to meet this dynamic power couple in person. Firstly, they’re cheeky and crazy – in an amazing way. They radiate infectious happiness and positive vibes – the kind you need tons of at your wedding. And they’re not “just” wedding filmmakers.

So many clients told us that Noopur & Anish soon became their friends, their confidants and then their family. They completely bond with the bride and groom and involve them in the entire process.

happy flashbacks, wedding filmmaker, videography, happyShappy

Plus, Noopur and Anish have a fresh and fun approach to their craft. They don’t think of creating wedding videos as work – to them, it’s art – and it shows! They get to know each couple personally, understand their story, their family dynamics, the special customs – so they can create a truly personalized masterpiece.

They handpick a few projects and give their complete heart and soul to each project. Every single wedding they work on becomes the center of their existence, and they work their butts off to deliver beautiful memories.

Add to that that Noopur and Anish are married to each other, giving them an incredible tuning.  Forget just finishing each other’s sentences, they connect on a creative wavelength that is next level entirely! They totally understand each other inside out, and their complementary pairing delivers a seamless, flawless story every time.

Never Miss A Moment!

Whether your wedding is a private affair, or resembles a Karan Johar set, a lot’s going to go down at your celebrations. And while you’ll be a tad busy getting hitched, there’s no reason to miss all the best moments. That’s where Noopur & Anish are must-have at your wedding.

happy flashbacks, wedding filmmaker, videography, happyShappy

As one captures you entering your wedding under a stunning phoolon ki chaadar with your bros, the other will be there to catch your fiance’s open-mouthed awe when he first sets his eyes on the love of his life!

It’s these unanticipated moments that will set your wedding video apart from all others. The stuff you can’t even imagine right now when you’re neck-deep in wedding planning, but will be so glad to have captured on film.

While you guys are sitting on stage or mingling with your guests, Happy Flashbacks will be there to film your parents sneak in a dance of their own, your friends’ shenanigans off in the corner — and even that Uncle whose favorite accessory is a bottle of Scotch balanced on this head.

They’re Packing a Punch!

The Happy Flashbacks team is equipped with the best technology in the biz. Their cameras are high tech, and expertly paired with Noopur and Anish’s lighting, audio and editing tools. Ensuring that the HappyShappy revelry will be captured in high-def, with pristine quality for your happily ever after and after, and years to come.

And even with their high-tech tools, Noopur and Anish are a discreet pair – they’re not in your face while filming. They won’t bark orders at your guests or direct you into awkward prom poses. You feel totally comfortable with them around, and not pressured to do things out of your comfort zone. Like a fly on the wall, they completely blend in to capture every moment without getting in the way or changing the dynamic of your celebrations.

What To Look For When Booking  A Wedding Filmmaker?

And if we didn’t love Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish already, they’ve taken the time to give you guys tips for ensuring your wedding movie is forever memorable — a movie even your kids will watch on repeat and celebrate how their mom and dad came together.


Here are the questions you’ve got to ask your wedding filmmaker! 

How long have they been filming weddings?

Seasoned professionals like Happy Flashbacks have been creating art and reaching higher and higher rungs of success because of their talent as storytellers and their technical prowess with the latest equipment. Pay attention to your filmmaker’s past accomplishments – it’s better than any CV.

How do they describe their style?

Movie making comes in many shapes, forms, and styles. From those who create cinematic masterpieces, to others who simply point, shoot and deliver raw footage. We’d suggest you meet Noopur & Anish in person – understand their philosophy, style and abilities — and let them get to know your story. Your wedding video should be the perfect union of you and your filmmakers – and the only way to ensure that is to meet in person!

happy flashbacks, wedding filmmaker, videography, happyShappy

How many people will shoot your wedding?

If your wedding celebrations are going to have lots of moving parts – people dancing, some at the bar, family reuniting, lovely traditions and more — be sure to hire a filmmaker team. With Happy Flashbacks, you’ll get a team that is totally in-sync with each other — catching different moments and not missing any of the joy, the tears, the hungama and the dancing.

How much will it cost?

Our best advice is no not skimp out on your wedding filmmaker budget. If you’re loosening the purse strings to make every other detail of your wedding gorgeously perfect, they won’t matter at all if not captured in the perfect way on film! To really memorialize the magic of your celebrations, set aside a budget for your wedding video.

Also keep in mind, different filmmakers price their services differently, depending on how much they’ll deliver and in which formats. There is no standard package that you can get and we’d suggest discussing your options rather than simply asking for a price list.

Are you shooting any other weddings on the same days as mine?

This one is crucial for getting undivided attention on your celebrations! Your filmmakers should be totally committed to your wedding, without the fatigue of other clients clouding their energy levels. And this is where Happy Flashbacks is a class apart – they handpick very few clients and then give their full attention, heart and soul to each wedding. And it shows!

What camera and equipment do you use?

A filmmaker’s flair for storytelling will take them so far — but their presentation will be what seals the deal. Shoddy equipment and inadequate audio will take away the magic of your wedding video and leave it looking like an amateur home movie. Instead, opt for experts like Noopur and Anish who utilize cutting edge technology, have mastered their cameras and are aces at editing your wedding movies.

happy flashbacks, wedding filmmaker, videography, happyShappy

Insider Tips!

Don’t wait till the very last minute to decide on a wedding filmmaker. All those details you’ve painstakingly planned – the perfect venue, the beautiful outfits, the sangeet performances and those heartfelt speeches – they deserve utmost importance! And they’ll all lose their sheen and enigma if not captured perfectly. So give priority to booking a filmmaker early on in your wedding planning process so your special moments live on forever on film.

Check out the Happy Flashbacks by Noopur & Anish portfolio right here!

Be sure to add your favorites to your HappyShappy Dreamboards!

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